Friday, January 20, 2006


On last Friday, when I got up, I had a sore throat. However, I didn't think about it seriously, so I went to the university. After the 1st period, I really felt the shivers, and in the 3rd period, I started to have fever. During the 4th period, I was about to die because of fever. After arriving at home, I took my temperature. It was 38.7 degrees Celsius. First, I thought that this clinical thermometer is broken because I didn't expect the high fever like that. Therefore, I took my temperature again, and the result was the same. I thought that I must have a flu, so I went to a hospital. Now I live by myself, so I had to go there alone even if I was about to die. The fever was getting higher, so it was very hard to go home from the hospital.

After I wrote about that on mixi (online community site), many friends gave comments and worried about me. During the weekend, I couldn't pepare for the presentation, but other my teammate didn't care about that. I'm grateful for them. Today, our team's presentation finished. Because we can't use the DVD player, enough time to explain about our research wasn't left, but I could enjoy for preparing for the presentation. CASSHERN is interesting movie☆

winter vacation

Hello, everyone. How are you?

During winter vacation, I spend in my hometown, Fukui.
In Fukui, it was snowing, and I was surprised the scenery. On January 5th and 6th, an alumni meeting was held. Then, I could see about 25 classmates of high school. Many of them are not studying in Fukui. Actually, there are 5 people around a table, and only one is going to Fukui University. Others are Kanazawa University, Tokyo Gakugei University, Gunma University, and Nagoya University students. Therefore, I could hear many things about other areas. It was very interesting. Many of them are get used to speaking the area's dialects. After the party, one of my friend get soaked, so another friend and I hold her and walked to karaoke. During walking near the station, I met our classmate Yuri accucidentally. I was so happy to meet my classmate in Fukui!!

By the way, on January 8, the coming of age party was held. I wore red Furisode. From 7 O'clock to 21 O'clock, I had to keep wearing Furisode. It was so hard, and Iwas really tired. Just after putting on the Furisode, I was happy, but I don't want to wear it for the time being. Through the coming of age party, we have to decide to be responsible for everything what we do. However, I'm 19 and not an adult. Beside, I couldn't join the ceremony because the hall was small. I stayed in the bigger hall in which there are screen showing the ceremony. In the bigger hall, everyone includes me just kept talking, so I just feel that this day is for only wearing Furisode and talking with old friends. Instead of this, I'll make some decisions on my birthday.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


It's really really cold these days.
In Osaka, the sunny days lasted for more than a week, but because of the affection of the coming cold wave, in areas on the side of the Sea of Japan, they have had a heavy snow. My hometown is Fukui. There is also snowy country, and actually, the ground was deeply covered with about 50 cm of snow. Comparing Osaka with Fukui, how different temperature! My parent called me and said that snow blowers came our town four times during the night. Some people were killed by snow blowers. Therefore when I tell her about the wether in Osaka, she really envied me.
I don't like snow because I don't like cold. Besides, when in snowing day, we are difficult to go outside. Especially, we need ed to leave home earlier than usual because of traffic jam. However, I have lived in Fukui for 18 years, so I get used to the scenery of snow. Because of that, if there are no snow in winter, I don't feel winter came. Now I feel that fall is still continuing.
Maybe I'll go to Fukui on December 25 or 26. If snow days will last, the train must be late and it takes a lot of time to arrive to Fukui. I have to prepare to endure sitting in the train longer.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


There are many kinds of smells, and they influence our feelings. In late years, Japanese people, especially, women has been interested in aroma. I'm a one of them. Recently, I use grapefruit essential oil as an aroma bath essence. The effect of the smell of grapefruit is to make you feel refresh. I'll tell you other smells and their effencts.

This is the most popular smell in essential oils. Lavender's smell make you relax or calm. Therefore, people who feel stress, nervous, or can't sleep well should use it.

The smell of this make you concentrate and reflesh. When you are bored or feel physical fatigue, you should use this oil.

The effect of the smell is that to make you reflesh. Lemon, peppermint, and rosemary also has simmilar effect to orange's. Therefore, citrus fruits include grapefruit has the same effects.

This smell make your heart lighten. When you are dipressed or lose confidence, this smell make you feel better. Jasmine has the same effect of rose.

Thus, what oil should you use is depends on your condition. As I write some kinds of smells, I thought to use real flowers or fruits is the most effective to relax. To use essential oils is easier, but sometimes we should enjoy nature.

Friday, December 02, 2005

studying abroad

On Saturday, I took an interview test for studying abroad. The day before, I was nurvous because I hadn't experienced Japanese interview test when I took the test for exchange student program. One of my friend who passed the program advised me what I should search before interview test. Thanks for her advice, I can answer almost question interviewers asked, and during the interview test, I didn't be nurvous. When I know the result of test, I became happy because I passed it!!

I want to study about accounting and merketing when I went to America. I want to work in a business company. When I listened to the speach of a man who works in the business company, I started to be interesting the job. To work in the business company, we have to have knowledges about accounting because the job is that the company pay money for productions in addvance instead of a company which will buy the production. Moreover, workers in the business company provides some ideas for company to make products costomer require.

Actually, I'm also interested in to work in bank. However, whether I choose a business company or bank, the knowleges of merketing and accounting are very usuful. Therefore, I really want to study two subjects. Both of them are difficult, so I have to start to study as long as possible before going to America.

Friday, November 25, 2005


It's getting colder, and this season makes people miss someone who they love. Besides, the illuminations in the city makes people who does not have lover feel loneliness・゚・(ノД`)・゚・

On Tuesday, I went to go to restaurant "the Watami" with my friends who took same P.E. class last year. The restaurant was opened last month, so it was very clean. Every food was delicious.
We talked about love a lot because one of my friends was unlucky in love recently. She talked about the man she loved before frankly, so she seemed not to have a lingering attachment for him. I thought she has strong heart from the behaviour. On the day, I was going to consoled her, but actually, I was consoled by her. The impressive words she said is that we should not love another one to forget this love. I agree, but I think that it's difficult to forget the guy who I loved before completely. Anyway, as we talked about love, we are dipressed. I didn't want to go home soon, so we went to karaoke. We are karaoke lovers. Our feeling was getting better before I made mistakes. I sang a song of HY. This song was memorable for my friends. It makes her depressedΣ(゚Д゚). How bad I am!!! Finally, she became positive, I was relieved. I won't make same mistake again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Friday was holiday because of the birthday of the university. Therefore on Thursday, I went to yakiniku restaurant with Haruna and Megumi. K. Megumi had class in 5th period, so Haruna and I waited for her. When we were waiting for Megumi, Haruna tought me some Korean words. After the 5th period, we went to the restaurant. It was my first time to go to a yakiniku restaurant, and I have not eaten yakiniku for long time. We planned it last month, but we could not practice the plan soon. Therefore, I was looking forward to going there. We can eat as much as we like for only 2200 yen. It is cheap, isn't it? We broiled food with charcoal maker, so we could not set our mind at rest because food will be burned soon. Actually, some vegetables were burned, therefore we did not ordered vegetable again. In spite of vegetable, we ate meat and pork a lot. Apparently, we ate too much. I think that we don't have to eat yakiniku for some time.
We ate and talked a lot, so I really enjoyed the time.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I went to Gaidai Festival on Sanday.
The purpose is that to see the dance my friends join. My friends, Ran and Chisato belong dance circle Body2. I saw their dance with another friend. The dance was produced by Kumiko who belonged to another dance circle, Zero. Kumiko can dance well, so I thought she is cool when I saw that she tought Ran dance. When I see Body2's dance, I had to take video camera because I was asked by Ran. Therefore, I couldn't see enough, but dances of each group were cool. After my friend and I saw the dance, we and Ran and Chisato went to see Zero's show. There are so many audiences that we had to keep standing to see the show. Most dance was really intense, and every dancer was cool. There are two groups which were invited to the show. One is K Flavor. They came from Nagoya. They are really good dancer because they got first prize in the most famous and big dance event in Nagoya. The leader of the group is Katsuo who was the dance teacher of Kumiko. She belonged Zero and kept in touch with the leader of Zero. Therefore, K Flavor came to the show. I can't dance, but I like seeing dance, so I was really excited then. After we enjoyed the show, I went to see Body2's dance show again. That time, I can see sufficiently because I didn't have to take camera.
I was tired after the show in spite of just looking, but I really enjoyed both circles show. That was my first time to see ligitimate dance show, so I want to go to see dance show again if I have a chance.